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Our Material & Warranty

Waterproof Seat Cover Co Material

Our covers are designed with protection in their DNA. We try to avoid seams on critical parts of the cover to ensure zero water leakage and friction damage. The seams are overlocked for extra strength and to prevent water leaking through.

Waterproof Seat CoverWaterproof Seat Cover Co

The material we use is ultra durable, recycled polyester.

It is this high performing polyester that gives our seat covers their strength and is what makes them heavy duty.

We vigeriously test our products to ensure they meet the standards you expect.



The polyester is coated with a polyurethane backing, which is what makes them waterproof to a hydrostatic head standard of over 7,000 mm (BS EN ISO 105-E01:2013).

Waterproof Seat Cover

Heavy Duty

Our ultra durable polyester has performed exceptionally well under different stresses and the vigerous testing we have put it through.

Seam Strength (BS EN ISO 13935 Part 2:2014): 16.2kg STB

Tear Strength by Falling Pendulum (Elmendorf) Apparatus (BS EN ISO 13937-1:2000): 3.1 kg

Abrasion Resistance (BS EN ISO 12947-1 & 2:1999 & BS EN ISO 12947-2:2016) 9kPa: >100,000 rubs

Heavy Duty Seat Cover


Fire Retardant

Our polyester is fire retardant to meet European automotive standards.

Using test standard ISO 3795:1989 (E) Road vehicle and tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Determination of burning behaviour of interior materials. Our covers far exceeded the requred result with a burn time and length of 0 (zero) after an ignition time of 15 seconds.

Fire Retardant Seat Cover

Colour Fastness

Our materials have a very good performace rating of colour fastness.

We have tested the colour fastness to; washing, water and light.

Colour Fastness to Water (BS EN ISO 105-E01:2013) = 4-5

Colour Fastness to Washing (BS EN ISO 105-C06:2010) A2S 40°C = 4-5

Colour Fastness to Light (BS EN ISO 105-B02:2014) = 6+

This high performance standard ensurs the covers can be used alongside heated seats and provides an indication at the quality of the material.

Colour Fast Seat Cover


Whilst being waterproof, our seat covers raintain a level of breathability to ensure they a confrotable durign long journeys.

The polyester matrix maintains an ability to let air pass through to ensure you do not get too sweaty while using the covers.

Water Vapour Permeability of Textiles (JIS L1099 Method B 2:2012) = Gram per square meter per hours 21.9

Seat Cover

Designed in the UK

Designed in the UK using precise digital techniques.
We use Gerber AccuMark to ensure a stitch perfect fit, every time.

Tailored Seat Cover



Quality is essential to us. To show this we offer a 2 year warranty on all workmanship. If you do find a problem with your seat cover please contact us 

We will replace any fault with workmanship in this period.