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Why Choose Us?

Our covers are designed with protection in their DNA.

25 years of experience, testing and evolving has led to the development and creation of Waterproof Seat Cover Co and what we believe are the best Waterproof, Heavy Duty vehicle seat covers you can buy.

We produce a quality product that does what it says, and this is everything to us.

Our Seat Covers 

We try to avoid seams on critical parts of the cover to ensure zero water leakage and friction damage.The seams are overlocked for extra strength and to prevent water leaking through.

Designed in the UK using precise digital techniques.


The material we use is an ultra durable, 600 Denier polyester. It is this high performing polyester that gives our seat covers their strength and is what makes them heavy duty. The polyester is coated with a polyurethane backing, which is what makes them waterproof. 

Our seat covers have an excellent colour fastness standard and can be used alongside heated seats.

Airbag Compatible

We have invested heavily to ensure this seat cover is safe for you and your family. Modern vehicles are fitted with side impact airbags. These airbags are designed to inflate from the side of your seat upon a side impact collision (a “Airbag” or “SRS” label may be stitched into your seat as a warning). Many seat covers on the market do not implement airbag compatible technology. During a collision this can result in the airbag not deploying correctly or even being deflected behind the occupant, causing a “ballooning”. Injury or death can be a result of this.

Our covers have been tested to automotive standards and can be used safely with your vehicle.